Class Now Allows You to Control Required Account Fields

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Have you ever tried to set up a mailing list of your customers only to find that some of your customer accounts were missing critical information? With version 7.00 of Class (which has been implemented in all LOGIS member cities), there’s now a way to ensure that none of your new customer accounts will be missing the important information you need! Class lets you be in control of which customer information is required and which information is optional when creating new customer accounts.

The new Manage Account Required Fields Screen allows you to specify different required fields for different account types (family, organization, or team), and also lets you differentiate between required information at the account and client levels. You can even tell Class what information you want customers to provide when they create their own accounts on eConnect (if you allow eConnect account creation). You can access the new screen at System Maintenance Module > Accounts Tab > Manage Account Required Fields.

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