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On Wednesday, September 28, LOGIS hosted the Minnesota Active Network Customer Owners Group (COG) Meeting. This is an annual meeting where users of the Class software and other Active Network software get together with representatives of Active Network to discuss current concerns and the future direction of the software systems. (Class is the LOGIS offering for Parks and Recreation software.)  The COG meeting was well attended by Active software users from all over Minnesota (including representatives from outside the LOGIS consortium). There were even people attending from Canada.

The COG meeting provided a chance for users to get together and “compare notes” about how to use Class to its fullest advantage. One of the points the attendees were able to bring to the attention of the Active Network personnel was the need for a “Fitness Center Credit Application Capability” for the Class Membership Module. Fitness centers in Minnesota will often offer a service wherein if their members go to the fitness center 8 or 12 times in a month, their health insurance provider will credit their membership $20 for that month (essentially reducing the cost of the membership).

To accommodate this situation, the Class user must now run a report to determine how many times members in the program attended the fitness center for a given month. They must then manually credit each account that has qualified for the credit. For example, if 500 members qualified for the credit, the Class user must enter 500 manual transactions to record this. As you can imagine, this is very time-consuming and tedious.

Our Class users have entered an enhancement request for a “Fitness Center Credit Application Capability” before, but apparently Active Network never realized what a common situation this is for fitness centers in Minnesota. They are now aware of how important this is to Active’s Minnesota clients. We hope this will spur them on to include the enhancement to Class in the not-too-distant future.

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