Class System Moved to New Servers

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LOGIS has moved the Class system, our Parks and Recreation information systems offering, to a new set of “clustered” servers. The main advantage of this set up is fault tolerance. If LOGIS’ Golden Valley office experiences an interruption in service due to power outage, weather event, data communications breakdown, etc., user communications with Class will be seamlessly maintained by automatically switching to our “hot site” in Brooklyn Center. Internet registration (eConnect) is also preserved by switching to the hot site. All this makes Class more reliable for our users.

Note that for technical reasons, credit card authorization cannot be switched to the hot site. In the event of a failure at our Golden Valley location, credit card authorization would be temporarily unavailable. However, credit card payments can still be taken in “batch mode,” where authorization doesn’t occur immediately. Authorization is pending until the LOGIS Payment Server is back online. Contact LOGIS Class support for details on how this works.

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