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The Active Network (the developers of the Class Park and Rec Software) has a free eMarketing web site available to all LOGIS Class users. This site provides all sorts of resources to help promote your department’s courses, facilities, memberships, and services. Resources include case studies, website design tips, email campaign tips, graphic templates for publishing, marketing tactics, and webinars. (A “webinar” is a seminar that takes place over the Internet, through use of a browser such as Internet Explorer or Firefox.) A blog (similar to this one) is also available through the site. The blog is called “Strategies for Online Success” (SOS).

To access the eMarketing site, you will need a user name (your email address) and a password. You can either sign up yourself, or you can request that Paul Norton—LOGIS’ Class Support Analyst—get these items for you. You may contact him at pnorton@logis.org. If you want to sign up yourself, go to the following web site and click on the “Register Here” link at the bottom of the page: http://emarketing.activenetwork.com/login.htm. When you first enter the site, you will be asked to select the type of your organization. “Communities” is probably the best choice for LOGIS members.

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