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LOGIS IP Telephony

LOGIS IP Telephony

LOGIS is continuously looking for opportunities to improve our communications with our members. Many members like to call their favorite support person directly and may still continue to do so. The issue with calling a support person directly and leaving a voice mail is: there are times when an individual staff person is out of the office, in a meeting or busy helping another client.

To assist you in contacting a support analyst faster, LOGIS has implemented a new support number for Permits and Inspections (PIMS), Property Data (PDS), Special Assessments (SA) and Park and Recreation (Class and RecTrac) applications. Complete details about this number are documented on the LOGIS portal site under Contacts.

When calling the support number you will be prompted to choose which application you need assistance with: 1 for PIMS, 2 for PDS, 3 for SA and 4 for Class / RecTrac. The phone will then ring at the desk of the primary support analyst for that application. If they are unavailable to answer your call, the system will then automatically ring the other support analysts concurrently. If by chance none of the support analysts are available to take your call, you will the option to leave a voice mail which will be picked up by the first available support analyst.

All other options for support will continue to function the same way they have in the past.

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