In Class, What does “Adding to the Batch” Mean?

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Credit Card ImagesSometimes when recording a credit card payment in Class, the system acts as if it is going to authorize the credit card, but then asks if you want to “add the payment to the batch.” What does this mean?

Most cities have their Class systems set up so that when a credit card payment is recorded, that payment is authorized by the credit card processor immediately. The main advantage of this is that you know right away if the transaction went through successfully. If it didn’t, you can ask the customer for an alternative method of payment.

However, if there is a communications problem between your PC and the Class Payment Server, Class cannot determine whether the transaction will go through. (This is very rare situation.) In that case, Class will offer to “add the payment to the batch.” “The batch” is a group of credit card transactions that are awaiting authorization through the credit card processor. By adding a transaction to the batch, you are allowing the customer to complete their transaction without actually authorizing their credit card.

When communications to the Class Payment Server are restored, you can authorize all the payments in the “batch” using the Batch Authorization Screen in the Payment Processing Module of Class. If a credit card transaction is declined during this process, you will need to contact the customer, inform them that their credit card was declined, and get an alternate form of payment from the customer. Note that if a payment is declined during Batch Authorization, Class will automatically debit the payer’s account for the amount of the failed payment.

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