Recreation Marketing: Five Tips to Creating an Effective Email Subject Line

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  1. 50 characters or less – Your message should be powerful and straight to the point. Most email clients limit subject previews to 50 characters (including spaces). Should you decide to go over 50 characters, make sure to start the subject with your most important point(s).
  2. Who are you – If your intended readers don’t know who you are, why should they read your email? A subject line is significantly less effective when readers don’t know who the content is coming from. Make sure to include a person’s name or a company name in the “From Field” to boost your credibility.
  3. Don’t get mistaken for a spammer – Want to avoid Spam filters? AVOID CAPS AND EXCLAMATION MARKS!!!  Using “Free” in your subject line is fine, as long as you are not spelling it in CAPS, using it in conjunction with an exclamation mark or starting your subject line with it.
  4. Numbers Count – Readers will know exactly what to expect in the body of your email when you start your subject line with a quantifiable measure such as, “3 Events You Can’t Miss!” or “5 educational kids programs.” It also implies that the content is easy to digest and highlights specific elements.
  5. Be True to your subject line – Never mislead your readers. Getting your readers to open your email is half the struggle. Your content needs to be relative to the subject line; otherwise you will lose credibility … and your readers!

Remember – there is no guaranteed formula to succeed in email marketing. Statistics, tips and best practices can be very helpful, but you need to understand your audience to achieve even better results!

Reprinted from the Active Network eMarketing Center.

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