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In the Class Program Maintenance Module, in the Program Maintenance Screen, it could sometimes be difficult to pull up the desired activity and course for editing because you could only select by Activity Name or Activity Code. Often times, it would be convenient to be able to access activity and course information in the Program Maintenance Screen by Course Barcode number. (This is the number which is entered in Program Registration to sign up for a course and the number which is often listed in Park and Rec brochures.)

In version 7.0 of Class (the version in place at all LOGIS Class cities) you have the option of using a powerful search form in the Program Maintenance Screen that allows you to search by many criteria, including the Course Barcode Number. You can enable the search form by opening System Maintenance Module > Admin Tab > System Options > Program Registration. To enable the search screen, change the “Use the Activity/Course Maintenance Search Form” option (usually the second from the bottom option) to “Yes.” Please note, however, that this is a global setting. That is, it will affect all users at your city. You should get agreement from the rest of your city’s Class users before making a change.

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