Setting a Minimum Age Requirement for Primary Person in RecTrac Household

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No_Under_18The “Primary Person” for a household in RecTrac is considered to be the account holder. Usually, you would want this person to be an adult. There is a method for enforcing this in both RecTrac and WebTrac. This method involves a custom screen design.

  1. Go to Management > System Management > Screen Management > Management Screen Management and create a custom screen for Household Update. (If one already exists, simply open the existing one.)
  2. On the Birthday Field for the Primary Person, set the MaxDate field to: “DaysFromToday|-6575”. This will ensure the Primary Person has to be at least 18 years of age. To use an age other than 18, simply adjust the |-<x> value appropriately by multiplying 365 by the minimum age desired. |-7665, for example, would be a minimum age of 21.
  3. (Optional) You can make the field “Required” by selecting the FieldRequired option from the Advanced Field Parameters screen.
  4. Save your changes. Be sure to apply your custom screen. Refer to the Topic Doc linked below.

You can do this for WebTrac also. Go to Management > Systems Management > WebTrac Mangement > WebTrac Management Screen Management and repeat the steps above. At this time WebTrac does not prevent the user from accessing “newer” dates on the calendar, but when validating the value it will give them a message that the birthday has to be prior to <x> date.

See Also: Topic Doc – Screen Customization for assistance with screen design.

Note that Screen Design can be challenging in RecTrac/WebTrac. LOGIS RecTrac support would be happy to assist you if needed. Just contact us at RecTrac@logis.org.

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