Three Cities Start Implementation of New Parks and Recreation System

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Parks and recAs many of you are aware, LOGIS and its Parks and Recreation members have—during the last number of months—gone through the process of selecting a new Parks and Rec system. That selection process has been completed, and our members unanimously chose to implement RecTrac, from Vermont Systems Inc., as their new Parks and Rec system.

The preliminary work has been done; the contracts have been signed, and we are currently well on our way to implementing our first batch of three cities (out of nine total) on the new system. Initial training will begin during the week of September 29th, followed by several weeks of entering basic data. A second round of training will follow during the week of October 20th. The second round will focus on how to use the system for day-to-day operations. All three cities plan to be live on the new system before the end of this year.

The remaining six cities will be implemented during 2015, in two batches of three cities each. The first batch will take place during the spring of 2015, and the second batch will occur in the fall of 2015. All nine cities plan to be live on the new system by the end of 2015.

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