Use Windows Magnifier to Read Small Text in Class

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MagnifierThe text in some Class windows uses a Windows system font that can be too small to be easily read or edited. Since there is no way to increase the magnification of the window within the Class program, some users find it necessary to squint and make their “best guess” as to what something says. However, there is small application available outside of Class—called “Magnifier”—that increases the magnification of your whole monitor, including Class.

To start Magnifier, select Start > All Programs > Accessories > Ease of Access > Magnifier. Starting this application will immediately increase your monitor’s magnification by 200%. This will make any small font instantly readable. You can also operate any other application on the screen—including Class—at the increased magnification. Once you no longer need the magnification, you can exit magnifier by clicking on the floating on-screen magnifying glass and then clicking on the “X” button.

Note that when the Magnifier is running and you are using the full screen option, there will be “too much screen for your monitor.” (The magnified image will no longer fit in the physical limits of your monitor.) The magnifier program deals with this by making your monitor’s borders “hot;” when your cursor gets near a monitor border, the magnified screen image underneath will move with your cursor.

To make the Magnifier application easier to use, it is possible to create a Windows shortcut for it and pin the shortcut to your taskbar. The Magnifier also has a number of options available that are too complex to get into in this short article. If you are interested in more information, open Start > Help and Support and enter “magnifier” in the search field.

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