VSI Planning New RecTrac/WebTrac Interface

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VSI_RoadmapAs reported in their last quarterly newsletter, VSI is planning on implementing a new UI (User Interface) in the near future. The user interface is the “look and feel” of the application. It defines how you interact with RecTrac. Giles Willey, President and CEO of VSI describes it as “a more modern looking style that will become the foundation for RecTrac going forward.” A re-design of the WebTrac interface is also in the works.

We do not yet know what the new UI will look like—neither for RecTrac nor WebTrac. There are no samples available yet on VSI’s Customer Support portal. However, we do think it’s likely that a demonstration will be part of VSI’s Minnesota Regional User Group Meeting in October.

The new RecTrac interface is scheduled for completion by the end of the third quarter, which means our users will likely be seeing it by the end of this year. The new WebTrac interface is scheduled for completion sometime in the fourth quarter of this year. The “VSI Roadmap” (see the graphic accompanying this article) is available from the “Customer Success Center” of VSI’s customer support portal.

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