VSI Provides Graphical Email Templates for RecTrac

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Email_TemplateYou may not be aware of it, but VSI, the developers of RecTrac, provides free graphical email templates that may be used for various purposes. These templates provide an HTML-based “shell,” which allows you to deliver professional-grade marketing and other emails to households within the RecTrac database. The templates provide a solution for you that spotlights your upcoming events and registrations through customizable text, graphics, and links to URLS such as your registration pages in WebTrac, your department’s home page, or any other valid Internet location. Currently VSI has four (4) templates available, all developed with responsive design, so your patrons can receive and read the emails you generate from RecTrac on any smart phone, tablet, or computer.

The templates must be downloaded from the VSI customer support portal and uploaded into RecTrac. The process is too involved to get into in this short article, but if you want additional information, refer to Topic Doc – Graphical Email Templates for more information and setup instructions. You can also contact LOGIS RecTrac support at Rectrac@logis.org.

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