City of Crystal Implements Rental eLicenses!

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City_of_CrystalLOGIS is proud to announce that the City of Crystal went Live with the LOGIS eLicenses web site on August 1st 2019.  Crystal became the first city to utilize eLicenses for rental licenses.

The eLicenses web site allows applicants to apply for or renew their rental licenses online. The eLicense interface is highly configurable to collect online applicant and license data that is stored within the business and animal license modules within the Permit and Inspections Management System (PIMS). It is also flexible to configure for different types of licenses including animal licenses, rental licenses and all types of business licenses.

There are other cities in the planning process of implementing rental eLicenses, and it is anticipated that eLicenses will greatly increase the efficiency of the licensing process for applicants and city staff.

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Category: Permits & Inspections Management

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