City of Le Sueur Preparing to Incorporate ePermits

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LesueurThe City of Le Sueur is getting ready to introduce ePermits as part of their business process. The city is excited to introduce this new functionality for contractors and homeowners within the next few weeks.

Currently, there are 21 cities utilizing the ePermits module. With so many cities offering this option, contractors are accustomed to applying for permits online utilizing this familiar interface.

The ePermits website has evolved over the years to include many features. It allows the public to obtain permit information 24 hours a day. This includes: permit details, inspection results, final dates, scheduled inspections, schedule new inspections and pay for approved permits. There is also a feature to estimate permit fees, ability to incorporate online plan review services and an upcoming option to accept eCheck payments. ePermits greatly increases the efficiency of the permitting process for applicants and city staff.

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Category: Permits & Inspections Management

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