City of St. Louis Park Live on Electronic Plan Review

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Tungsten-2We are pleased to announce the City of St. Louis Park is now live using Electronic Plan Review!

As of January 2017, St. Louis Park is now offering permits online that require a plan review. In the past, only permits that did not require a plan review were offered online, now cities will have the opportunity to offer all permits online.

For permits that require a plan review, our PIMS software begins the process by allowing the applicant to apply for a permit online. Once submitted and fees are collected, a permit is created in PIMS.  The permit has not been issued at this point, but a percentage of the permit fees have been collected.

Documents and drawings (plans) are submitted electronically. All plans can be reviewed by multiple departments within a city at the same time.

Once a plan is approved, an approved date will be transferred from the electronic plan review software to the PIMS system.  This action will alert the applicant (via email) that the submitted plans for the permit have been approved, and final payment needs to be completed before the permit can be issued.

More and more cities are planning to incorporate this solution to completely renovate plan review and document storage.

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