City of Willmar Live on PIMS

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welcome1The City of Willmar is now live on PIMS! City staff has begun entering data, issuing permits, including inspection results.

They are also using our Code Enforcement module which is another branch of the PIMS system. This utility facilitates code compliance within the City.

The Inspections staff had completed a formal training session to help with the configuration of database tables and maneuvering throughout the system. They were also offered a testing phase (following training) which allowed them to enter test data into the system at City Hall and get comfortable with data entry.

LOGIS staff was on-site the first couple days to ensure a smooth transition.  This allows City staff to ask questions, offer feedback, and receive ‘hands on” attention throughout the changeover.

We are very excited to welcome the City of Willmar as a new LOGIS member and new addition to the PIMS application.

Welcome City of Willmar!

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