Code Enforcement – Not Limited to Complaint Tracking

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PIMS (Permit and Inspection Management System) is not just for permits and inspections anymore. The software has been expanded to other modules over the years. One of the newer successful modules is Code Enforcement which is currently being used by 11 cities.

Code Enforcement provides the capability to track user defined violations reported by a variety of sources and record actions taken by city staff. Compliance letters can be sent to the violators and / or property owners who are given a specific time frame to comply with city code. Citations can also be issued and tracked from the violations screen.

A new photo feature was recently added to the Code Enforcement module to allow inspectors to photograph code violations and provide evidence to substantiate the offense. Inspectors can take photos of the violation in the field and upload them to the photo information screen associated with each violation.

Another new feature is called Transfer to Assessments. This functionality allows any Code Enforcement fees which have not been paid (in a timely fashion) to be transferred to the Special Assessment module in the Property Data System as a pending assessment and to certify the unpaid balance to taxes.

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