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Hardware Standards Updates

The ePermits site has enriched the process of purchasing a permit online since April 2003. Homeowners and contractors have acquired over 146,000 permits online to date, which means a significant savings of time and money for the customer and city staff.

In 2013, we completely redesigned the ePermits website, as well as the PIMS ePermit interface. This has cultivated a renewed interest from many PIMS cities. Numerous cities have requested a demonstration of the ePermit process as a means of gathering information and potentially adding to their daily business operations.

The website also offers an impressive search function which includes: the ability to view scheduled inspections, view inspection results, or simply view pertinent information regarding a permit. This information can be obtained 24 hours a day / 7 days a week.

For more information, or if your City would like to schedule a demonstration, please contact LOGIS.

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