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The PIMS team and the ePermits cities met last week to discuss the re-design of the ePermits website.  The ePermits website made its debut in April, 2003 and since then over 55,000 permits have been acquired through the website by homeowners and contractors.  It has been a huge success, saving customers (and staff) time and money.

Over the years, we have maintained an enhancement list of suggestions provided to us by the members, to make the site even better. To keep current with the ever changing technology, we are planning to re-engineer the existing application. With the help of our members, we will work together to discuss, plan, and implement innovative ideas for the new and improved ePermits site.

In conjunction with the new design, we are in the process of updating each member’s website to be PCI/DSS compliant. In the upcoming weeks, we will work with PayPal and each ePermit city to remove the existing Payflow Pro software and replace it with the new Payflow Link product.

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