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ShowShowerThe snow is melting quickly and the building season is heating up!

Our members are anticipating an active start to the busy season due to the rapid meltwater and ice dams that we have encountered this winter. Speed and accuracy will be key to serve the permitting needs of residents and businesses in our cities. LOGIS has many mechanisms to help improve efficiency within PIMS.

Many of our members utilize our ePermits solution to help speed up the permitting process for residents and businesses in their cities. Some members have opted to implement eScheduling, which allows permit applicants to schedule time with a building inspector from the convenience of their computer. Permits, inspection records, and correction notices can be emailed directly from PIMS to building contractors and homeowners directly, speeding up the process of getting these documents in the hands of those who need them.

If you’re interested in implementing any of these solutions, or learning more about how other cities have handled particularly busy permit and inspections situations due to storms, city growth, or other situations – LOGIS staff is prepared to answer questions and help you out!

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