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LOGIS has recently released software upgrades to the Permits and Inspection Management System (PIMS) software.  This release contains many enhancements requested by our user community and is in addition to the many enhancements that were released in January. The PIMS software is an in-house developed application designed to assist LOGIS members in issuing permits, tracking inspections and appointments, entering inspection results, and offers a wide array of reporting. The software also includes a Business License function, Code Enforcement, RPZ tracking, and ePermits. There are 21 members currently using the PIMS Software and its many capabilities.

The web-based functionality of ePermits allows homeowners and contractors the convenience to obtain a permit using the internet which significantly reduces the number of trips made to City Halls. The permits offered via this software are those that do not require a plan review or approval process and for ease of use, an applicant can access the ePermits site directly from a member’s website.

There are currently 12 members utilizing the ePermits functionality and since April, 2003 over 50,000 ePermits have been acquired via the website creating substantial member staff time savings.  For more information, please contact LOGIS at 763-543-2600.

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