PIMS Rolls Out New Release 1.06.07E

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AnnouncementWe released a new version of PIMS into production in March 2014.  The release included enhancements and updates to the PIMS application.

Specific updates were applied to the Business License module, Contractor Information, ePermits and Scheduling.

This will be the last PIMS release (for a while) until we complete our technical development enhancements (SQL upgrade, .Net Framework upgrade) among many other improvements from a technical aspect.

There has also been a major transformation regarding our help files within the past several months that was included in this latest PIMS release.  By definition, help files accompany the software to provide key information explaining the program’s functionality. Selecting the F1 key on your keyboard offers a detailed description of the screen’s usage including button and field descriptions. Some help files may even contain comprehensive instructions about the entire process, which can assist the end user with certain tasks.

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Category: Permits & Inspections Management

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