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MagnifierThe PDS system is full of grids, which display data in columns. Many users know they can sort all rows in the grid based on one column as the key field by a simple right mouse click on a column header to sort either ascending or descending.

However, there are many other options available with the right mouse click on a column header in most grids. One option is “show filters”. With this option selected, if you click on the icon in the top row, column filter options are available to help you select what you are searching for. Most filters default to “equals” but can be changed to any of the available options listed. Filter options include: equals, not equal to, greater than, less than, greater than or equals, less than or equals, Is Null, Is Not Null, between, not between or even a custom filter.

With your filter set, just click in the top row of the column and start typing. Data which does not match your selection criteria will be removed from the grid display.

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