Sales Ratio Reporting Simplified

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spreadsheet_formulassupportEach year LOGIS PDS Assessors are required to report Sales Ratios to the Minnesota Department of Revenue (MNDOR). Last year a new process to report these Sales Ratios was mandated by way of a T-Calc spreadsheet developed by MNDOR. This was a multi-step process consisting of: generation of the Sales Ratios report, export this data to an excel spreadsheet, copy the data from the excel spreadsheet and past it into the MNDOR T-Calc spreadsheet. LOGIS programmed the ability to automate the process by exporting the Sales Ratios directly into the spreadsheet for the assessors.

This year MNDOR updated the T-Calc spreadsheet and created the new MCAST spreadsheet for reporting Sales Ratios. The format of the spreadsheet had changed so LOGIS quickly programmed and tested the changes. The assessors were once again back in business with an automated process.

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