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Hardware Standards UpdatesMany in the LOGIS member community are well acquainted with the operations and support arm of the Public Safety Applications group at LOGIS.  But, did you know there is a branch of the group dedicated to development and integrations as well?  This small group of individuals have expertise with interface design and implementation, software development, and database reporting and analytics.

As part of the Tritech CAD/RMS implementation, we have supported a number of integrations to various criminal justice and private vendor systems.  These include MN BCA’s eCharging and Integrated Search, State of MN Courts (MNCIS), Dakota County Criminal Justice Network (CJN), Imagetrend Fire RMS, Firehouse RMS, LexisNexis ACA (www.communitycrimemap.com), FATPOT, and Advanced Public Safety’s eCitations, and two external CAD systems.  Some more recent additions to this list have come from specific agency requests, including Tracker Products Evidence Tracker system and LexisNexis CopLogic online reporting system.

Developing and supporting these system to system communications helps to create efficiencies in the data flow process, improve data sharing efforts, and ultimately enhance criminal justice and emergency personnel to provide better and more effective service in their communities.  As technology changes and business need increases, we expect to expand our catalog of system integrations.  In the near future, we hope to have a few additional connections, most notably NIBRS reporting through the MN BCA’s Crime Reporting System (CRS), State Accident Reporting (MNCrash), and Department of Corrections booking and arrest entry.

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