Public Safety Field-Based Reporting now has recently introduced a built in Reporting Module

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Report_WriterFor everyday users of the RMS system, an ad hoc Reporting module is provided in the FBR system. This module allows users to visualize data in three well-known styles. The report styles available are: Reports List, Statistical Counts, or Counts Over time.  Most modules in the system are supported, and for those modules, you can filter and/or display any field in the entire system, even custom fields created by your agency. Basic parameters are provided for most modules, as they are generally consistent throughout all report types.  This tool can be used to take advantage of the powerful query builder to simply generate the SQL query, and then take that query out to a 3rd party reporting tool.  This is useful if the reporting module itself does not allow for the exact presentation/layout that is needed.  LOGIS support staff will be working with agencies to deploy this new module to the agencies within our consortium in the near future.

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