Public Safety Statistical and Ad-hoc Reporting has Now been Upgraded

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OpenTextSince the implementation of Motorola Printrak and Infotrak LRMS, LOGIS Public Safety has offered an expansive catalog of statistical and ad-hoc reports to its member agencies.  The vast majority of these reports have been built and published for use through various Hummingbird BI applications such as BI Web, BI Query and BI Reports.  Working with the OpenText Corporation, who purchased Hummingbird Limited some time ago, LOGIS Public Safety has implemented an upgrade to the BI environment in early October 2018.

The upgraded BI environment closely resembles the previous Hummingbird applications.  Users will notice a few changes, such as the absence of the patented hummingbird flapping its wings during the report rendering process, but the applications still provide a user-friendly interface to retrieve much needed statistical and ad-hoc public safety data.  In terms of available public safety data, OpenText BI can retrieve historic data from Motorola Printrak and Infotrak LRMS as well as current and historic data from CentralSquare (TriTech) CAD and Classic RMS.

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