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IP Telephony Service – Call Manager 8.6

LOGIS just completed the upgrade of Call Manager to version 8.6.  This is the latest production release of Cisco Call Manager and this upgrade allows our organizations to take advantage of:

  • Utilizing the latest phone models, including the 8900 video phones
  • Virtualization of the servers advancing our business recovery options
  • Integration with the Cisco CIUS
  • Integration of Call Managers with the Tandberg video conference systems
  • The latest Presence clients for the PCs and phones

IP Telephony Service – Newest Member!

LOGIS would like to welcome the City of New Hope to the LOGIS IP Telephony Service!  We are beginning their telephone discovery meetings in February, and the service will encompass the New Hope facilities of city hall, golf course, ice arena, police and public works.  Welcome aboard!

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