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calendarAs 2018 year-end approaches, members need to start thinking about the CIS Infinity UB year-end process. Year-end involves several tasks that need to be done in CIS Infinity and members must decide when they want to do their balancing and reporting.

Year-end reports are point in time reports and must be generated ‘last thing’ on December 31, 2018 or ‘first thing’ on January 2, 2019, after all 2018 batches are updated and before any 2019 batches are created.  These reports CANNOT be processed at a later date to obtain year-end data.

The year-end CIS Infinity process pertains to cycle billing batches, final billing batches, adjustment batches, penalty batches, ACH batches, etc.  Members will run an Interface Table Synchronization to ensure that all credit card and/or e-Check payments are picked up.  Members will reconcile A/R balances within CIS Infinity by first running non-zero balances, then zero balances.  A CIS Infinity process called the G/L Interface Routine will also need to be completed/run.  The G/L Interface Routine creates a journal entry in the financial software, of all transactions done within CIS.

CIS Infinity year-end reporting includes running a Multiple A/R Summary Listing and Single A/R summary, (if required), which displays the balances in each A/R Account.   An Advanced Search is then run in CIS Infinity in order to find/report the balance due on every account in CIS Infinity.

Members will need to generate the Aged Arrears Listing report, which tracks aging data, the Land Use reports, which track billed consumption, and/or the Block Summary report, which tracks billed consumption by zone.

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