2019 LOGIS Utility Billing User Group Meeting

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GroupWith ‘Spring’ having ‘sprung’, it brings forth the planning and scheduling of the annual ‘Utility Billing User Group Meeting’.  This year’s meeting month and date is yet to be determined.  The LOGIS UB User Group consists of 19 member cities. LOGIS discussion items include the Work Plan and many more exciting Utility Billing topics.

Users have expressed an interest in Fall 2019 WebEx training sessions regarding Advanced reports/Filters/Searches, new account set-up, bankruptcies, delinquencies, move in/outs, best practices for the Certification process and Invoice Cloud.

As always, LOGIS support staff is looking forward to hosting this engaging event.  This is a wonderful opportunity for our Utility Billing users to interact and network with each other to share ideas and best practices.   Stay tuned for more details!

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