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Mailers +4, a product of Melissa Data Corporation, is an Address Correction Software designed to reduce postage costs of bulk Utility Bill mailings.  Within Mailers +4 a Coding Accuracy Support System certification report can be generated.  CASS Certification is the process that ensures accurate carrier route, 9-digit ZIP +4 codes and delivery point barcodes are placed on mail pieces.  A CASS report must accompany cycle bill and notice mailings to the USPS in order to qualify for postage automation discounts.

Bi-annually, LOGIS downloads all CIS Infinity version 2 addresses into the Mailers +4 software.  The addresses are formatted and validated against the USPS table.  Along with the CASS Certification report, an Address Error Report is generated.  This document will list all addresses in your database that did not match the USPS database.  These addresses must be manually corrected in your database for future compliance.  Enhancements have been made in CIS Infinity version 3 to allow Utility Billing Cities to resolve addresses within the Mailers +4 software and upload the corrected addresses directly into your database.

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