CIS Infinity Build 3.1.29 Rolling out to Production

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Upgrade2Testing for CIS Infinity’s new build, 3.1.29 is complete and is ready to be rolled out into Production. Thank you to all that helped test and provided feedback. We are happy to report that there were not any issues during testing.

The new build will be applied to Production early in the 2nd quarter. Once a schedule is established, all members will be notified of their date for upgrade. At that time, please let us know of any scheduling conflicts and we will reschedule. Everything in CIS needs to be updated when the new build is applied, that means all billings, cash batches, and penalties be updated. Please stay logged out of CIS when the scheduled update is in progress. A staff member will update you once the new build update has completed.

If you experience any issues after the update, please call the UB support line immediately at 763-543-2660.

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