CIS Infinity Midwest Regional User Group Meeting

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MeetingThe CIS Infinity Midwest Regional User Group has doubled in size since 2014 to 18 members.  The membership consists of CIS Infinity clients from businesses in Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma, South Dakota and Wisconsin.  LOGIS is an active member of this group, participating in the annual meeting in Madison, WI.

The annual meeting provides a forum for CIS Infinity users and support staff to network and discuss software functionality, software and support issues, processes, new releases, interfaces and any other commonalities. Staff from the software provider, Advanced Utility Systems, also attends this annual meeting to review software enhancements, promote new interfaces, and respond to client questions or concerns.

The 2016 user group meeting will be held on Wednesday, April 27th and will focus on best practices for testing/implementing platform movement, electronic bill print and presentment outsourcing, process mapping and water and electric utility break-out sessions.

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