Fall 2014 Utility Billing User Group Meeting

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Chrome LogoThe Fall 2014 Utility Billing User Group meeting was held Wednesday, October 8 at the LOGIS offices from 12:00-3:30 pm and was well attended by our Utility Billing application members.

These semiannual meetings provide a forum that fosters communication, networking, and the sharing of best utility billing practices among our members and also provides an opportunity for LOGIS staff to share new developments/changes/enhancements related to the utility billing applications and add on product we support.

Prior to the meeting, Advanced Utility Systems, our utility billing software provider, conducted a hands-on demonstration of Infinity.Mobile for member Utility Billing, Finance, and Public Works staff. Infinity.Mobile is a workforce automation application that leverages mobile and wireless technologies to optimize service order processes.

User discussion topics are solicited from the members in advance of the meeting and the agenda is constructed to include those inputs as well as cover LOGIS updates and news – all of which lead to lively discussion by this passionate and dedicated professional group, and this gathering was no exception!

An enhancement was added to the regular agenda for our Fall 2014 meeting. A short training session was provided to all interested members post-meeting to demonstrate utilization of CIS Infinity Searches and Filters. We hope to make these ‘mini’ training sessions a regular feature at our User Group meetings going forward.

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