How to get to, find, and organize information within CIS Infinity

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fastUse shortcut keys: on any forms with a menu or list that contains an underlined character in the button caption, you can trigger the action of the button with that caption by simply holding ‘ALT’ while you hit the underlined letter.  For example, while in the Customer Account Inquiry, pressing Alt + s, then n on your keyboard launches the name search.  On many of the ‘OK’/’Cancel’ type forms, hitting the Esc key will perform the same function so that you don’t have to use the mouse.

Access Advanced Searches and Filters quickly: saving a frequently used Advanced Search or Filter with a blank space as the first character of the name it will show up at the top of the ‘Restore’ list; typing in the first letter or two of the saved filter will bring you quickly to what you are looking for if you have a long list of saved filters. Typing the first few letters of a word in a drop down menu or on the CIS Infinity Menu will bring up the first item or form with those characters.

Perform wildcard searches: for many of the standard searches you can use a percent sign (%) in a search field if you know partial information about a subject. Add the % symbol at beginning, middle or end of any search. For example: Name = %son, Address = %ington

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