Monitoring CIS Infinity User Sessions

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Help DeskAt the end of 2018, an audit on all LOGIS CIS user’s login activity was completed. We have discovered that some users are not logging off at the end of each business day. An email with instructions on how to properly log off had been sent to all users.

Current monitoring has revealed that not all users are logging out on a daily basis. It is important to log out each day to release the license and to open it up to another user. Each city is only permitted to use up to 5 licenses at any given time.

Not logging out has caused some issues when LOGIS needs to perform our monthly maintenance and applying builds.

Due to the number of users not logging out on a daily basis, LOGIS will be monitoring user log in sessions weekly. Anyone with a session running longer than one day will be closed out by LOGIS. To ensure this does not happen to you, please log off at the end of your shift.

We are currently working on updating our email distribution lists to make sure anyone with a valid CIS Infinity account will be notified when to log off for updates and maintenance.

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