New Vendors with LOGIS and CIS Infinity

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AnnouncementThe LOGIS UB Team is excited to announce new vendors that are being integrated with CIS Infinity.

InfoSend: A global bill print vendor located in California has now gone live with 2 LOGIS CIS Infinity Members! This company accepts bill prints and notices as a PDF file. A new basic bill form will need to be created, but don’t worry, InfoSend creates a shell to layover the PDF image before printing and mailing the bills out to your residents! Using a basic template will reduce the file size needed to upload to the vendor, which will make the process run faster. Your normal bill print will also stay available in CIS for reprints from the customer account.

There will be no need to change out your barcode scanners! The same barcode font currently used in CIS Infinity will remain the same.

WaterSmart: A unique vendor that offers an online platform to engage resident interaction and provide analytics for the municipality. This versatile company offers bill presentment and links to popular online payment vendors such as Invoice Cloud. The dashboard platform for the municipality interfaces with CIS and the Meter software applications. CIS can be set up to send daily or weekly files to the WaterSmart portal. The WaterSmart portal can provide communication back to customers for items such as leak alerts and other customized letters from the city. Customized reports on meter readings, zones, historical consumption, and more can be run out of the Analytics dashboard.

Two members of the LOGIS community have signed on with WaterSmart. Projects are currently in the beginning stages of configuration and we are looking forward to seeing the finished platforms.

If you have any questions please contact the UB main line at 763-543-2660 or email at UB@logis.org

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