Qualification Reports Aide in Reducing Utility Billing Postage Costs

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A Qualification Report is a document that is delivered with each tray of 1st Class, Presorted Utility Bills to the USPS for mailing. It identifies and sorts all active addresses in a billing and notice batch for automation. The automation process consists of sorting the printed utility bills in Postal Code order. The mail pieces are grouped by 5 digit (55422) and 3 digit (554) zip codes and counted. All mail pieces that qualify for this type of automation result in reduced postage fees.

In CIS Infinity version 2, LOGIS staff runs Advanced Reports to identify all active addresses in an updated billing or notice batch. The data is saved as an Excel file, which is then mailed to the City to verify the addresses and confirm that the number of bills printed matches the number of addresses in the file. The spreadsheet is emailed to the Mailing Vendor to create the Qualification Report. One of the enhancements of CIS Infinity version 3 is the ability to generate a USPS Qualification Report for individual billing and notice batches prior to update, thereby a quicker mailing time for Utility Bills.

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