The City of Woodbury Joins the LOGIS Consortium for Utility Billing

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The City of Woodbury joined the LOGIS consortium in 2009 for a solution to meet their Utility Billing software needs.  After a six month implementation, Woodbury achieved a very successful go-live with CIS Infinity on January 11, 2010.  They experienced only one conversion issue which was quickly addressed by Advanced Utility Systems.  They went on to apply penalties to a residential and commercial cycle,  and bill approximately 90 final bills and three cycles of over 6000 accounts just six days after going live.  In addition, Woodbury has implemented functionality including automatic write-off of refunds and small balances and sending an electronic bill print file to their mailing vendor to print and mail their bills.

The Utility Billing Support staff looks forward to working with Woodbury and welcomes them to future UB User Group meetings to network with our other member cities.

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