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End of YearHappy New Year!!!

It is time to submit your Utility Billing plans/projects for 2014.

Efforts to provide the most timely and comprehensive service to clients require that each LOGIS department/application provide an annual Work Plan to our Board of Directors. These Work Plans include all major plans/projects jointly anticipated by LOGIS and our members for the coming twelve months. Work Plans are submitted by each LOGIS department/application to the Board during the first quarter of the year and are subsequently updated quarterly with project/progress status.

Utility Billing projects that should be submitted by each member for inclusion in the Work Plan would include major changes to your utility billing rate structure, the addition of new services or rates, meter change out projects, development of interfaces to other applications (i.e., Work Order Management system), meter AMI interface, or adding new major functionality, etc.

Please review your Utility Billing plans/projects with your respective Finance and Water Utility departments to determine what should be included in your city’s submissions; please forward your input to the UB Support team for inclusion in the LOGIS Utility Billing 2014 Work Plan as soon as possible. Should you have any questions regarding a project’s inclusion, please contact UB Support.

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