Team Bios

Advising, training, and assisting users on a day-to-day basis.

Meet the LOGIS Team

Our entire member support staff is based right here in Minnesota, with extensive knowledge in the applications and systems you are employing in your organization.

Mike Garris - Executive Director

Mike Garris has been employed in the Information Technology field for 41 years, holding directorate and management positions for the last 38 years. The industries represented in his work experience include local government, higher education and the private sector. Mike’s administrative expertise includes the management of local and remote data centers and cloud service based computing facilities. His technical expertise includes mainframe, server and PC network environments as well as application, database, data communications/networks, programming and systems analysis. Mike’s undergraduate degree is in Computer Science. He has been an adjunct faculty member at Hamline University.


Tonya Kusmirek - Finance Manager

Tonya Kusmirek has joined our team with more than 24 years of experience in the finance field in both governmental and corporate organizations. Most recently, the past 11 years were spent serving as the Chief Financial Officer/ County Auditor. She has experience in financial reporting, budgeting, debt service, investments and strategic planning. Tonya has also served on the national Debt Committee for the Government Finance Officer Association and participates in both the Minnesota and Wisconsin chapters.


Kevin Pikkaraine - Manager of Network Services and Operations

Kevin Pikkaraine has been employed in the Information Technology field for 27 years, holding management and supervisory positions for the last 18 years. Kevin has performed roles from network and system management, consulting, systems design, and implementations for industries ranging from local governments to large private sector corporations. Kevin’s technical expertise includes managing large wide- and local-area networks, mini systems, network servers, and PC environments. His duties included application design and development, database design, LAN and WAN network design and implementation, IP Telephony design and implementation, systems analysis and the management of data processing facilities.


Ray Jozwiak - Manager of Application Support and Technology

Ray Jozwiak has held various positions at LOGIS since 1988. He is a graduate of Programming and Systems Institute, a former Certified Netware Engineer, and has 44 years of Information Technology experience. Ray’s industry background includes manufacturing, banking, oil & gas, technology services, and local government, specializing in application and database architectures, development, and support.


Chris Olson - Manager of Public Safety Applications

Chris Olson has been in public safety for over 27 years, serving in a variety of roles in law enforcement. He held numerous supervisory positions throughout his career which included almost 9 years as police chief and safety services manager of a northern suburb of the Twin Cities. Chris also had the opportunity to chair a committee which oversaw the implementation and integration of a public safety data system for a north-metro county. Chris enjoys the cooperative nature of public safety agencies and realizes the importance of helping our customers serve the citizens of our communities.


Dave Schleicher - Financial Workforce Supervisor

Dave Schleicher has been employed in the Information Technology field for 20 years, in his current position as JDE Applications supervisor for the last 10 years. Prior to his current position he was a Business Analyst at LOGIS. Dave has performed roles in Information Technology including application design, analysis, development, training, and support. Prior to LOGIS, Dave worked in Accounting for 8 years, for private and public sector organizations.


Jack Israel - Infrastructure Lead and Network Architect

Jack Israel has been employed at LOGIS since 2007, holding the current supervisory position since 2012. His responsibilities include the designing LOGIS and members’ fiber optic plants and network LAN and WAN architecture along with supervising the Network Services’ Infrastructure group and managing the IP Telephony Services offering for the LOGIS membership. Jack has a BS degree in Computer Sciences.


Mark Mayfield - Infrastructure Lead and Network Architect

Mark Mayfield has been employed in public sector information technology for over 20 years, including 12 years’ prior experience with municipal shared services and 10 years IT supervisory experience. Throughout his career he has focused on networking and its intersection with the process of creating highly available network and server environments. Joining LOGIS in 2018, Mark has the privilege of leading the infrastructure group, a highly skilled team of individuals which maintain the networks interconnecting LOGIS and its members across the state, provide staffing augmentation to members, and provide subject matter expertise on a wide range of network systems.


Ben Verbick - GIS Coordinator

Ben Verbick has been the GIS Coordinator at LOGIS since 1987. He is a graduate of the University of Minnesota with a degree in Geography and Computer Science. Ben is also active in the regional and state-wide GIS community being awarded the MN GIS/LIS Polaris Leadership award in 2007. He has served the GIS community and represented our association interests in the following capacities: Active member of the MN GIS/LIS Consortium, serving two terms on the Board of Directors and as Board Chair in 2012-2013. Founding member of the Hennepin County GIS User Group. Current member of the MetroGIS Coordinating Committee representing metro area municipal government special interests. Active member of MetroGIS technical and advisory committees.


Pam Kummer - Utility Billing Application Support Supervisor

Pam Kummer has been employed in the Information Technology field for 18 years and with LOGIS since 2007. She is responsible for managing the day to day functions of Utility Billing, work plan management and supervising the Utility Billing support team. Pam’s role includes application design requests, report development, software integration and implementation project management, hardware and software acquisition and staff and user training. Prior to LOGIS, Pam worked in the Accounting and Insurance Industry for 15 years.


Patty Hartwig - Supervisor of Client Services Group

Patty Hartwig has over 27 years of Minnesota local government experience, including 19 years as an IT Director and 8 years in Public Safety. Joining LOGIS in 2018, Patty brings leadership and a wide-range of knowledge and experience in local government technology and operations to the LOGIS team leading the Client Services Group. Areas of responsibility include supervision, security, budgeting, procurement, project planning, quality assurance, and LOGIS member relations. Patty understands the value of partnerships with LOGIS members and the LOGIS mission to facilitate leading-edge, effective and adaptable technology solutions though the sharing of ideas, risks and resources.


Jude Giron - Service Group Supervisor

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Dave Pikal - Systems Group Supervisor

Dave Pikal has been employed in the information technology field for 15 years. He is responsible for the day to day functions of the systems group while also performing server and systems design, project management, implementation, and advanced troubleshooting of the LOGIS application systems and SANs. Prior to LOGIS, Dave spent 9 years in the military, received his Minnesota Emergency Management certification and for 5 years worked as a technology manager for one of the largest 911 call center in Minnesota, managing and maintaining the four mission critical networks for the center.


Matt O'Brien - Public Safety Application Development Supervisor

Coming Soon.


John Nichols - Public Safety Application Supervisor

John Nichols has over a decade of Minnesota local government experience, including nine years in a variety of roles within the public safety environment. Prior to LOGIS, he has held positions including manager of a county-wide records management system and CAD administrator. John has the honor of leading the public safety applications group, which is comprised of a seven highly proficient individuals with over 100 years of experience in the public safety environment.



LOGIS invests in best of breed application software from national vendors such as Oracle, JD Edwards and TriTech. Costs for technology solutions and applications are shared among members. Our member support staff is based right here in Minnesota.