What We Do

What We Do

The LOGIS staff provides the following services:

  • Conducting periodic user seminars or workshops on LOGIS applications
  • Advising, training, and assisting users daily and during/after a LOGIS conversion
  • Writing and maintaining user manuals and online help
  • Enhancing applications as needed
  • Providing ongoing user and technical support

Network and Internet Services

LOGIS offers its members complete Local Area Network (LAN) services at below market pricing. Services include:

  • Consultation and planning
  • Hardware and software purchasing
  • Installation and day-to-day monitoring and maintenance
  • Training on network administration and various network hardware maintenance and software maintenance components

LOGIS also offers its members full Internet services:

  • Web site hosting (i.e. a “home page”)
  • High-speed Internet access
  • Internet email

The LOGIS consortium uses Intel servers and networked workstations located at its offices, as well as distributed client/server systems linking member’s locally networked personal computers (PCs) through a Wide Area Network (WAN). These highly reliable systems offer ease of operation, powerful database management and an open systems environment.

LOGIS members use mobile, remote and networked PCs linked to the WAN to access the shared servers for data transfer between systems, PC LAN servers and PCs located at other member cities and agencies.


LOGIS invests in best of breed application software from national vendors such as Oracle, JD Edwards and TriTech. Costs for technology solutions and applications are shared among members. Our member support staff is based right here in Minnesota.