Local Government Links


References to State and County judicial, legislative and local government resources and sites.

Minnesota House of Representatives
Telephone and e-mail addresses, House information, bill status and bill tracking, etc.

Minnesota State Court System
Minnesota Supreme Court page with court opinions, court of appeals, trial (district) court information, reference to the Minnesota State Law Library.

GFOA (National Office)
GFOA publications, newsletters, policies, government news groups, etc.

LG Net
Local government network, resources/links for local government.

National League of Cities
Many local government links, etc.

League of Minnesota Cities
The LMC provides information on legislative issues, conferences and training, etc.

Local government resources/links for local government, also has worldwide links.

Coalition of Greater Minnesota Cities
Discusses issues of interest for local governments outside the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area.

Federal Links

IRS forms, tax information, electronic filing information, etc.

SEC news, Edgar database, etc.

Main reference/search page for online federal government information.

U.S. House
U.S. House of Representatives home page.

Library of Congress
Congressional floor activities, bill texts/status, congressional records, House and Senate proceedings.

Other Useful Links

Better Business Bureau
BBB news, alerts, resource library, etc.

Federal Reserve Bank

News on mutual funds, treasury securities, research data, banking, etc.

AMEX (American Stock Exchange)
Daily summaries, market news, information on options and derivatives, etc.

New York Stock Exchange
Market summaries, market news, etc.

1-800 Phone Book (Toll Free Internet Directory)
Phone book of 1-800 toll free numbers by category or search by company, state, etc.

Phone directory of people and companies (searchable).

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