Special Assessment System

The LOGIS Special Assessment System (SA) provides automated management and administrative support for many of the tasks related to the application and operation of special assessments. SA, which is tightly integrated with the LOGIS Property Data System (PDS), maintains records of special assessment projects and related costs that are associated with a parcel. SA supports online searches; calculates interest and repayment schedules and generates reports that detail special assessment rolls, certification and parcel information.

Parcel Information

  • SA stores detailed parcel information including parcel address, owner name and address, legal description, taxpayer name and address and special assessment comments.
  • The system provides links to permits, photos, sketches and documents related to the parcel.
  • SA inquiry displays all special assessments for a parcel.


Assessment Project

  • The Special Assessment Project module provides a means of setting up costs and allocations for an improvement project.
  • The costs can be calculated by front footage, assessable frontage, flat charge, acreage, property area and item count.
  • Spreadsheets can be imported.
  • The project information can be transferred to a special assessment or another assessment project without extra data entry.
  • Custom-designed notification letters are available for every type of improvement.
  • SA distributes project amount according to specified units such as parcel or frontage.


Application Screenshot: Click image to enlarge.

Special Assessment Master/Detail

  • The Special Assessment Master Record stores basic data about a special assessment such as assessment number and description, total assessment amount, interest rate, date levied, hearing dates, amortization type and number of years to repay.
  • The data is common to all parcels included in a special assessment.
  • Special Assessment Detail Records store data about a special assessment as it relates to individual parcels included in the assessment.
  • This data includes the original assessment amount for the parcel, total principal, current year interest, payoff amount and deferral information.
  • The system calculates a principal and interest payment schedule for the assessment and parcel.


Computer-aided Parcel Divisioning

  • A computer-aided parcel divisioning feature automatically creates two or more new parcels in the place of an existing parent parcel.
  • Key data is carried over from the parent parcel to the new parcels.
  • Redistributes existing assessment dollars during computer-aided parcel divisioning.



  • Produces mailing labels based on user-selected parameters.
  • Provides standard reports such as Owner Change, Special Assessment Rolls, Cash Flow and Prepayment Activity.
  • Allows you to produce almost any user-defined report with a powerful ad hoc report writer.


LOGIS invests in best of breed application software from national vendors such as Oracle, JD Edwards and TriTech. Costs for technology solutions and applications are shared among members. Our member support staff is based right here in Minnesota.